Developed in Austria – Made in Crowsnest Pass. Schneider’s Black Gold cola syrup is a delicious locally produced alternative to corporate cola products. Enjoy it best with ice-cold sparkling water!

The Great Cola Mystery: A Confusticatin’ Conundrum

“Did y’ever ponder how cola’s made? What’s innit? Why it tastes so plum delicious? This riddle difficulted us, too, so we got to conversatin’ and puzzlin’ to see if’n the secret is truly above our bend. The bee in our bonnet? Tarnation, to come up aces with the classically refreshing cola taste familiar to us since we were knee-high to a wagon wheel, including all-natural flavours, but without phosphoric acid.”

Black Gold: The Perfect Mixture of Natural Ingredients

“The trail to Schneider’s Black Gold weren’t no rodeo dance, but we had a mind to crack this nut. We plied a range of concoctions and combinations to find the perfect recipe, and after no little beating ‘round the bush, scientific ‘saminations, good ole’ fashioned cussin’, and everything ‘atween, we made our big strike. So bend an elbow and enjoy a drop of Black Gold!”

  • Developed in Austria – Made in Alberta
  • Craft cola – artisan product
  • Less sugar than corporate colas like Coke, Pepsi
  • Locally produced based on our Austrian product (Schneider’s Kola-Elixier)
  • Made with natural flavour oils
  • Low caffeine
  • No phosphoric acid
  • Add how much syrup you like to control the taste
  • Choose the water you like (mineral, soda, or plain tap water)
  • Perfect for soda machines (e.g. SodaStream, etc.)
  • Excellent for cocktails
  • Support local entrepreneurship and help this product grow!